ANNTIAN was founded by Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt in Berlin 2006. Their collections always tell a story revealing a very own little world within. It’s the intention to work on a certain theme—the heart of the collections—that covers clothing, accessories and interior in an intensive way. Graphics/Colors are handpainted or handprinted by ANNTIAN, which makes every piece unique and abnormal. ANNTIAN values the quality of the product, its regional manufacturers and the increasing usage of ecological fabrics and materials. The clothes are full of hidden details, conceptual authorized, differing and individual. “The way we worship life, people, and the time we spend together make us design clothes. We respect and love the varieties of life, like people, nature, or style. In general, we see things rather deeply, “profound”, than merely do it in an opportunistic, selfish or superficial way.”
Anntian Denim Shaped Pants
Anntian Denim Shaped Pants  Material: 60% Linen, 40% RA Sizing: S  -  Wais..
EUR €391
Anntian Stripe Round Sakko
Anntian Stripe Round Sakko Material: 80% Viscose, 20% Wool Sizing: OS  -  Drop-..
EUR €391
Anntian Reversible Quilted Vest
Anntian Reversible Quilted Vest Material: 100% Cotton, 100% Wool Sizing: M  -  ..
EUR €522
Anntian Color Fringer Wide Shorty (Cream)
Anntian Color Fringer Wide Shorty (Cream) Material: 39% Cotton, 23% Wool, 28% Cupra Sizin..
EUR €614
Anntian Fringers Necky Sweater (Light Pink)
Anntian Fringers Necky Sweater (Light Pink)  Material: 31% WV, 30%MD, 19%PC, 11%PA, 9%WP..
EUR €469
Anntian Fringes Stola (Light Pink)
Anntian Fringes Stola (Light Pink) Material: 31%wv. 30%MD, 19%PC, 11%PA, 9%WP Sizing: OS ..
EUR €351
Anntian Fringe Long Top (Cream)
Anntian Fringe Long Top (Cream) Material: 39% Cotton, 23% Wool, 28%  Sizing: OS - Sh..
EUR €522
(30% OFF) Anntian Hi-Collar Sweater
Anntian Hi-Collar Sweater 80% Cotton 20% Polyester one size Model is 170cm  ..
EUR €228
Anntian Knit Pencil Skirt
Anntian Knit Pencil Skirt Material: 100% Cotton Sizing: S Model is 170cm ..
EUR €338
(30% OFF) Anntian Unisex Shirt
Anntian Unisex Shirt Material: 65% Wool 19% Cotton 11% Silk 3% Viscose 2% Polyester..
EUR €329
(30% OFF) Anntian Shawly Shorty Jacket
Anntian Shawly Shorty Jacket Material: 54% Wool 46% Cotton Sizing: OS Model is 1..
EUR €364