Triple-Major Collection: Hand Shadow

Posted On 04/04/2013 | 

About “Hand Shadow” collection

 “Hand Shadow” is a kind of universal language: it is a symbol that could be understood across culture, nationality, and other boundaries.

“Hand Shadow” is also an interesting folk tradition and form of expression: with a simple twist of fingers, it forms a completely different shape, with entirely different meaning.

The nature of hand shadow, shares a similar quality with our vision on clothing: as a universal language of expression, and a medium or platform, with a simple twist, might create an extraordinary result.

With “Hand shadow” as a point of departure, we developed the collection by offering two perspectives of using it as an inspiration:

Some pieces in the collection follow a literal take, using the forms created by hand shadows directly, to explore the beauty of the long-inherited folk tradition itself; while other pieces imagine the garment itself as a platform for light projection, just like the walls for projecting hand shadows, where it’s front and reverse sides reflect the hand gestures and its shadows respectively.