Triple-Major Presents: Ideas for a Perfect Weekend Retreat

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Triple-Major Presents: Ideas for a Perfect Weekend Retreat
In Triple-Major we want to show you a more interesting retail space by breaking the inertia of categorizing items by brand and gender.
So in this month we came up with the theme 'Ideas of a Perfect Weekend Retreat', distinguishing the store in different parts by various ways of enjoying a weekend, such as the drawing section which is about watercolor paint items and illustration albums, then the home section which is filled with items that carries full of comfortableness. Also we are collecting fun suggestions of how to spend the weekend from our visitors through questionnaire! 
This theme will last until the end of March, come by and have a visit if you are in Shanghai!
Triple-Major Shanghai space is now exhibiting 'she is not here' illustrations by Ya Yi, and we have changed our visual displays in store to match her artworks in yellow and blue color tone. 
The items in Gardening section are tightly linked to natural and botanical elements. In this section displays the German label Anntian that is skilled in converting textures of plant into knitwear pattern, and exquisite wooden house decorations by Shanghai’s independent furniture brand Origin Wood Work. 
This is our Experimentation section. Displaying items from the American knitwear label ALL Knitwear, which is about richness in color and fascinating combination of patterns, making every single item like the output from experimentation of colors and knitwear. 
The Drawing section features items that are related to watercolor and hand paint, as well as illustration albums from independent illustrators around the world. 
Music section contains CDs from Singapore’s record publisher Kitchen Label, vinyl records from various artists and fashion items featuring witty musical elements from Daniel Palillo. Some selected CDs are available for trial listening.
And how do our staffs spend their weekend? Well, we keep working...
On 1 1/2 floor, we created a mini zoo by displaying animal-look inspired shoes from Triple-Major’s own label, and a series of humorous animalic style accessories from Hong Kong designer UUendy Lau. 
The Exhibition section is currently exhibiting ‘she is not here’ by illustrator Ya Yi. This solo exhibition originates from one of her artwork series from past, which is named ‘she is not here’, hand painted in yellow and blue, depicting various moments that were lost in time. For details of Ya Yi’s exhibition please see our previous news post. 
In this section we are displaying travel magazines and photography publications, including Apartmento and The Travel Almanac. In here is all about inspirations and friendly advices on travel.
As you can see we have selected books in yellow and blue tone to match with Ya Yi’s exhibition in store. 
Here comes the most adventurous and fun section of this month's theme on our third floor space! We set up the ‘Human vs Aliens’ scene by using garments with monstrous elements from Daniel Palillo and Walter Van Beirendonck dressing the Alien up, to let him confront the human warrior who wears futuristic style garments. 
By the way, the human and alien in the pictures above are dressed in Boundless and Daniel Palillo, can you tell? (illustration by Keyko)
The German label BLESS is skilled in making conventional items unconventional. In Home section we have selected their Retrospective Home as our recommended item. It explains in detail about their home designs from a unique point of view. Moreover here we also have more home items, such as handmade leather slippers by Hender Scheme and handmade music speakers by The Sound Therapist. 
To match with theme of the month, we created a questionnaire to collect fun suggestions of how to spend a weekend from our visitors:
And here below are some answers from our visitors:
The exhibition ‘she is not here’ by Ya Yi ends on 15th March 2015, then we will have new exhibitions and themes coming up in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu store! Please keep an eye on our weibo and wechat updates!
Signage & Illustrations: Keyko
Styling & Display: Triple-Major Team