Triple-Major Chengdu - [Chuàn Chuàn] Exhibition featuring Zhou Yi

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Triple-Major Chengdu - [Chuàn Chuàn] Exhibition featuring Zhou Yi
This month we launched Chuan Chuan exhibition in our Chengdu space, and invited our artist friend Zhou Yi to explore the origin of this famous Sichuan dish, geographical distribution within Chengdu city and the possibility of its combination with clothing through three interactive parts. 
串串 [Chuàn Chuàn] is a typical beloved street food of Sichuan Province in China. 
It is a simplified form of hot pot which skewers of food are cooked in a bubbling cauldron that seems to only be filled with Sichuan chilli oil (Don't worry it's not THAT spicy as it looks!), then served with different types of dippings.  
The exhibition is composed by 3 parts: Feeding the Pandas, Chuan Chuan Map and Dress the Pandas Up. 
Below are our Triple-Major Pandas, named Xiangxiang and Chuanchuan.
PART 1 - Accessories Making a.k.a Feed the Pandas
Step 1. Choose the dippings for our pandas.
Step 2. Make a skewer with the food that you think the pandas will love 
Step 3. By using our specialized tools we will make step.1&2 into your customized keychain
Step 4. Wanna know pandas' feedbacks for your skewer? Scratch to find out!  
PART 2 - Chuàn Chuàn Map
There are hundreds of Chuàn Chuàn places in Chengdu.Triple-Major has prepared a map showing you the most authentic Chuàn Chuàn places recommended by the locals!
PART 3 - Dress the Pandas Up
What would the pandas wear when they decide to go have some chuan chuan?
Xiangxiang and Chuanchuan would love to wear something practical and in style at the same time. 
Here are some inspirations from our vistor researchers  ;)
The exhibition will last until 26th of June at our Triple-Major Chengdu Space.
Address: 13 Sishengci St, Jinjiang District, Chengdu
Opening hours: Tues to Sun 15:00 - 19:00


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