Digest Foundation X Qiananarchy Exhibition at Triple-Major Shanghai

Posted On 06/12/2013 | 

Date: 2013.11.30 - 2013.12.15

From 11.30 - 12.15, Triple-Major Shanghai showcases Digest Design (Beijing) s Ready to Wear/ Artistic line collection and photography works by Qiananarchy.

Titled "Foundation", the main pieces of Digest Design's new RTW collection adopt photographs by Qiananarchy - a photographer who has collaborated with Digest Studio since the beginning. This is the first collaboration between Digest RTW with independent artists. The collection did not print large numbers of photographs on the garments, instead, we assigned the images according to the nature of individual pieces, pasting them onto the shoulder and the back of the wearer in order to give them a sense of peace and protection. Althought it may seem nonchalant, the energy of these images overflow onto the pieces. The collection aims to capture the light hidden by darkness rather than simply incorporating them, perhaps, wish the designs could become the light, and giving hope to those who are stil wandering in the dark.

I love the back. A beautiful back makes a beautiful front. When you slouch, think about what happens to your front.
You have to keep your back in the right position. This is where your spirit lies.
—— MY DEAR BOMB by Yohji Yamamoto

We also love the back. —— Digest Design