Triple-Major Shanghai Exhibition: 'she is not here'

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Triple-Major Shanghai Exhibition: 'she is not here'

Triple-Major Shanghai store is currently exhibiting the artist Ya Yi’s first solo exhibition ‘she is not here’.
The artworks are delivered through yellow and blue hand paintings depicting various moments that were in time.
So here we would like to share with you some facts about it!


The exhibition is divided into three parts, shown in three sections on our second floor space.
The first section is displaying the main storyline, which has been created in assemble with our store space;
the second section comprises 9 complete artworks which were recreated by independent engraving and print studio Press Matter
through hand printing technique; the last is the artworks created live in the fitting room during the exhibition. 

As visitors enter into the exhibition space, the first come to sight is a complete hand-printed artwork.
This artwork brings all the fragmented details into one whole scene, which is the main storyline of ‘she is not here’ – the core of the exhibition.
The fragmented details are being displayed in various places inside the exhibition, symbolizing the faulted world in the artist’s mind. 

hand-printed artwork

All artworks are originated from the same story – from scenes of the faulted world which arisen as the artist has stepped into time spiral.
In fact, the idea ‘she is not here’ is actually ‘she is everywhere’. She left her traces on every picture, shuttling between different dimensions and spaces.
She is not here, but everywhere. There is no clue to catch her, and there is no hint of where she is gonna go in the next second. 

To achieve an interaction between illusion and reality, Ya Yi used the existing display frames in store
to create artworks in live through a special printing technique printed on acrylic panels. 

The second part comprises 9 complete artworks created by Press Matter, each work has its own, unique story.
Throughout each artwork many details are being overlapped, echoing with each other for a complete storytelling.

The third part is displaying an artwork named ‘she will be here’, which is located inside our fitting room.
It is carrying the idea of making the ‘she’ stop and stay.
Paintings were made between the wall and the mirror, and then by using mirror reflections cleverly, it becomes a complete work. 

Here as you can see, we’ve changed all the visual displays into blue/yellow color tone in store not only for the merchandise,
but also including drinks and snack foods in conjunction with the exhibition on the opening day.

Ya Yi (yayifsoso)
Designer and illustrator. Does designing works, loves to do little drawings in spare time and usually eats very slowly.
Personal website:
Exhibition Overview:
Date: 31st January - 15th March
Hand printing by: Press Matters(印物所)
Curator: Wing Wu
‘She is not here’ will continue to exhibit until 15th March. If you are gonna be in Shanghai, please come and visit us! 
Triple-Major Shanghai’s address is: No.1, 25 Shaoxing Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai.
Hours: we open daily from 13: 00 to 20: 00
Please kindly keep in mind that we will be closed for the Chinese New Year festival from 16th February to 4th March.

Lastly, we would like to share with you a gif picture that is created by Ya Yi: